April 21, 2014
"So why did you choose linux?"

April 16, 2014
Oh so your not a network admin… but you need enable?

April 14, 2014
"Uhh yes, I need to remove the timeout on RDP so I can share this servers desktop over webex to a vendor for longer than 24 hours"

April 14, 2014
"How fast can you scan 14,000 IPs?"

April 9, 2014
As the tickets/questions about Heartbleed roll in

March 26, 2014
Will the HPNA be able to manage their d-link switches?

March 10, 2014
"what was the password for the customer’s encrypted volume?"

March 4, 2014
fairly sure I left root logged in on the ILO

March 4, 2014
Kudos email to whole department for simple task

February 21, 2014
….Thanks for your all kind of help.

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